Slide Chromatic Harmonica


 µ - 01 (No.2248)


  • Cover Plate : Matte Black Coating
  • Mouthpiece : Comfortably Textured, Gold Coating
 µ - 01PG (No.2248PG)


  • Cover Plate : Pink Gold Coating
  • Mouthpiece : Chrome Coating

Common specification

  • 12 Holes 48 Tones,Tonalrange: c1~d4 in Cross Key Arrangement
  • New Short-Cross-Key Function
  • Newly-desingned Wind-saver with New Material
  • Accessory: Italian-made Soft Case

There are two types of ‘Slide’ Chromatic harmonicas: Straight and Cross-Key.
Cross-Key Chromatic harmonicas feature wide apertures that allow for more breath to pass through, and therefore provide a good tonal balance on each key and a powerful, full sound. However, the downside has always been in the slide’s longer “distance of travel”.
So, we Tombo have focused on attaining the ‘best of both worlds’: A chromatic harmonica with a bigger aperture but shorter slide distance.

A revolutionary Short-Cross chromatic harmonica, the ‘µ-01’ (Mew-01) features a sub-slide which has an inverse movement when the main slide is pressed.
As a result, in order to cover a 6mm aperture, a press of only 3mm is needed, thus halving the effort and time required.
With all moving parts precision-engineered to require the minimum of maintenance, this incredible new Short-Cross system allows the musician to play fast musical passages with much greater fluidity, and feel very confident in the instrument’s long-term performance.


  • Chromatic 3 octave harmonica
  • Slide chromatic harmonica with valves
  • 48 reeds, 12 holes
  • Comb body made of ABS
  • Plastic case


  • Cover Plate : Gold Coating

UNICA (No.1244)


  • Full Chromatic
  • Plastic Comb
  • 22 Holes 44 Reeds 44 Tones, Key of C


Slide chromatic harmonica with range of 3 octaves. Easy to play. Tone arrangement placed orderly from low to high.




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